Cooking instruction for Ferni porridge recipe using two methods
Tasty Ferni using rice flour
Neccassary foodstuff for Ferni preparation
Milk: 2 cups
Rice flour: 2 tablespoons
Sugar: 4 tablespoons
Water: 1.2 cup (one half a cup)
Rosewater: 1 tablespoon
Ferni preparation with rice flour
For cooking porridge
First put the cold milk in saucepan then add the rice flour and water
and mix it fully till the flour solve in cold milk. Then put it on grill
and mix it continuously otherwise flour will form pellets.
Mix it continually to thicken slightly,
then put down from grill and add sugar and rosewater. Put it again on
grill and mix to gain enough formidability. You should put Ferni at once in the small bowls that prepared already.
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